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David Van Wormer (memorial) Music from SoundClick

These files came from David's SoundClick page.  If you go to that page, you can see the whole presentation that Dave and Bill had created.  If you just want to download the files for your music player, you can grab them here:

001 Victorious.mp3
002 Cover Little River Band Take It Easy On Me.mp3
003 Facebook Life.mp3
004 Reaching for the Flame (Solo).mp3
005 The Prize .mp3
006 Cover Buffalo Springfield Bluebird.mp3
007 Wrong Choice Today Rock.mp3
008 Victorious (Acoustic) .mp3
009 Danger.mp3
010 You Could be at Home.mp3
011 Cover Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over .mp3
012 Back On Top.mp3
013 Cover - Left Banke - Pretty Ballerina .mp3
014 Cover David Gates & Bread Let Your Love Go.mp3
015 The Path (Solo) .mp3
016 Before They See (Solo).mp3
017 Cover The Live Five Hunose.mp3
018 Its On Our Way.mp3
019 Cover Beatles Getting Better.mp3
020 Sometimes Its Wonderful (Solo).mp3
021 Cover Paul Davis I Go Crazy.mp3
022 Reaching For The Flame.mp3
023 Cover Spirit(tm) 1984.mp3
024 The Best Will Come (Solo).mp3
025 Cover Bob Dylan Knockin On Heaven's Door .mp3
026 Its On Our Way (Solo).mp3
027 Cover Flo & Eddie Feel Older Now .mp3
028 Antigua Nights.mp3
029 Cover Crosby, Stills & Nash - Woodstock.mp3
030 Lets Worry Tomorrow (Solo).mp3
031 Cover Tommy Tutone 867-5309 Jenny .mp3
032 It's All Good.mp3
033 Cover Crosby, Stills & Nash - Just a Song Before I Go.mp3
034 Night is For Certain (slow).mp3
035 Lets Worry Tomorro.mp3
036 Cover Joe Walsh Tend My Garden.mp3
037 Good Enough For Me (Solo).mp3
038 Cover Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me.mp3
039 Knowledge To Wisdom.mp3
040 Cover REM The One I Love.mp3
041 It's All Good (Solo).mp3
042 Cover Fleetwood Mac Jewel-Eyed Judy.mp3
043 Dread.mp3
044 Even Better Than Friday.mp3
045 Just Hold On - Rock.mp3
046 Everyone (Solo).mp3
047 The Best Will Come.mp3
048 Perfect Melody (Solo).mp3
049 I'm a Good Time.mp3
050 Best Nights Sleep.mp3
051 While You Were Sleeping (Solo).mp3
052 12 Miles Away.mp3
053 When You Feel (Solo).mp3
054 The Path (Rock Version).mp3
055 Back On Top (Solo).mp3
056 While You Were Sleeping (Rock).mp3
057 Openly (Solo).mp3
058 Parachute Without a Cord.mp3
059 You Could Be At Home (Solo).mp3
060 Openly.mp3
061 Even Better Than Friday (Solo).mp3
062 Just Can't Stop .mp3
063 Shifting Ways .mp3
064 Ready To Be (Solo).mp3
065 Flash in the Pan.mp3
066 Parachute Without a Cord (Solo).mp3
067 Our Own Advice.mp3
068 Her Name Out Loud (Solo) .mp3
069 Before They See.mp3
070 Our Own Advice (Solo).mp3
071 So Something Can Stay.mp3
072 Just For Fun (Solo).mp3
073 Ready To Be .mp3
074 Knowledge to Wisdom (Solo).mp3
075 Sliced Through Time.mp3
076 So Something Can Stay (Solo).mp3
077 The Lazy Day.mp3
078 The Lazy Day (Solo).mp3
079 When You Feel.mp3
080 Many Have Spoken (Solo).mp3
081 Perfect Melody.mp3
082 Future Becomes Today (Solo).mp3
083 Not All Things Need Purpose.mp3
084 The Prize (Solo).mp3
085 Good Enough For Me.mp3
086 Get the Better Of Me (Solo).mp3
087 Out of the Fog.mp3
088 Not All Things Need Purpose (Solo).mp3
089 Caution Dont You Listen To This Song (Solo).mp3
090 If Not For Monday (Rock).mp3
091 Everyone (Rock).mp3
092 The Missing Stone (Solo).mp3
093 As Time Keeps Moving On.mp3
094 If Not For Monday (Solo).mp3
095 Out of the Fog (Solo).mp3
096 Cause It's Not Yesterday - Rock.mp3
097 Just Hold On (Solo).mp3
098 Moving On 2.0.mp3
099 Cause It's Not Yesterday (Slow).mp3
100 On Chesapeake Bay.mp3
101 Spark of Light.mp3
102 Moving On (Solo).mp3
103 Night is for Certain.mp3
104 Girl at the Window.mp3
105 Back In The Light.mp3
106 Mellow Moment.mp3
107 And When She Smiles.mp3
108 Rio Rage.mp3
109 Razor.mp3
110 Roy G Biv.mp3
111 Roll On.mp3
112 Incidental.mp3
113 Amicus Curiae Act 2.mp3
114 Change In The Season (Solo).mp3
115 Black Hole.mp3
116 Wrong Choice Today.mp3
117 Take the 715.mp3
118 Danger In A Flat.mp3
119 What Do You Do.mp3
120 Irish Storm.mp3
121 Change in the Season (Rock).mp3
122 Amicus Curiae Act 1.mp3
123 Happy to be Myself (Solo).mp3
124 Windbreak.mp3
125 Velvet Jam.mp3
126 So I'm Fire.mp3
127 Right Away.mp3
128 My Fantasy Date (Solo).mp3
129 The Touch of Your Eyes (Solo).mp3
130 Happy To Be Myself (Rock).mp3

In memory of David Lee Van Wormer (7/14/54 - 8/26/15)