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Water Bottle Rocket Launcher: (click on images for larger pictures)      

     water_bottle_launcher.jpg (83k bytes)                   

    Free Construction Plans (8k PDF)         Pre-launch (94k JPG)

                    Click here for Rocket Video (800k)


2 new launchers    Take-apart for travel

Click here for More Free Rocket Assembly Pictures and Instructions.



Other neat stuff: (click on images for larger pictures)      

Colorbar Test Pattern (7k bytes)    Brick Colored Van (60k bytes)   ASCII Chart from Tektronix (100k bytes)           

Colorbars.Zip (7k)      Brick_Van.JPG (60k)  ASCII.PDF (98K) (100k)                                                                 ( fromTektronix)


ImpedanceNomograph.pdf (1Hz to 10MHz)

ImpedanceNomographHiFreq.pdf (1kHz to 10GHz)



Schematic for Timex DataLink Watch Adaptor for LCD Monitor (8k)
Note:  extra information on Timex DataLink Watch Adapter . . . I made the system for a Win98 LCD application.  I just upgraded to WinXP.  Now there is no choice for the CRT mode.  The only option that shows is the LED adapter.  WinXP will not use this adapter.  I was given one of the adapters to dissect (thanks, Fred).  Is there any interest in a USB version?  It shouldn't be too hard to make a USB device to emulate the Timex adapter. 

Here is a note from another Timex Hacker:

It will work if modified with XP and 32 bit Win 7. change base resistor to 560R range, change transistor to 2n 2222a. collector resistor to 220R. series connect two ordinary diffused red leds ( superbright saturates watches optical input). Use 9 volt battery. Add 75-100R from 6-1 and 8-3 pin respectively. (red and blue outputs on VGA) this fools vga board into believing non plug and play monitor is connected. Now all you do is switch computer display to monitor + external. Software will offer choices for Dos or windows output calibration. Windows 4 seems to work best. Place watch 1-3 inches from leds. Calibrate to beep. All done. No switch required once vga plug pulled out will turn off. If worried 5 k from base to ground will assure. Built it all in old remote control box with amputated vga cable from old crt monitor. Hotglue manhatten technique. Tested on 98 xp and 7 works perfectly.

Thanks to John for this additional information.



If you have a Chrysler radio with push-buttons that don't work right (one button acts like you've pushed a different button), check out my repair method:
Repair of Chrysler Radio with Intermittent Push-Button Operation


Here's a troubleshooting tool for finding shorts that blow fuses in a car.  Connect a tail light lamp across a blown (open) fuse.  Use this "fuse" in place of the fuse that blows.  The lamp will light when excessive current flows.  I recently found that a penny had fallen into the cigarette lighter hole in the console of a Chrysler LeBaron.  When the car went over bumps, the penny would shift and, occasionally, blow the fuse, causing the radio to lose power (same circuit).  By watching the light while wiggling and shaking everything I could wiggle, the penny was located and the problem solved.  Here are pictures showing the fuse end(64k jpg), the lamp end(48k jpg), and the whole device(76k jpg).  The glass lamp is covered with clear heat-shrink tubing for increased ruggedness.  Adhesive (Goop) was smeared on the wire terminations for added strain relief.  Note:  This works well when the normal draw of the fused line is small, compared to the normal current rating of the lamp.


     23k GIF American Flag (for printing)

(proper dimensions thanks to  www.usflag.org/flagspecs.html

 or download 23k Zipped AutoCad R12 DXF file  


Here are some links to more fun stuff:

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Carl Van Wormer, P.E., AE7GD



Here are pictures (and videos) of the 2015 harvest parties and cider party:

Drone veiw harvest picture



Click this link to download the drone video (Thanks to Yasha's Drone!)