Competition (other short circuit finding tools)

ShortSniffers are designed for quickly finding the location of shorts on PC boards.  They are fast, efficient, and the best "bang for the buck" for troubleshooting circuit faults discovered at the "first power-up" stage of troubleshooting.  

ShortSniffers can be used for finding other kinds of shorts, but different tools may be more appropriate for those other jobs.  Even though the ShortSniffers can be used to locate automotive shorts, the tools designed specifically for automotive short locating do a much better job.  

Here is a partial list of other of short circuit location tools (in no particular order):


Electrical circuit board and cable short circuit finders:

B&K Model 262 Tone Generator and Cable Tracer Kit

Polar Instruments Toneohm 950

Circuit Specialists, Inc. Shortstop 

(no longer valid) Wavetek Meterman's Short Finder Brush (SF 10)

Electronic Design Specialists Leakseeker

(no longer valid) Qmax Technologies QT45 Low Cost Short Locator

TEKWORKS, Inc. Power Short Location

(no longer valid)  Millenni-Ohm Short Circuit Investigator



Automotive Short Circuit Finders:

(no longer valid) Santronics Short Finder

JC Whitney Short Circuit Finder

Do-It-Yourself Primer: Find That Short the Easy Way!

Other short finders may be discovered by searching for "short circuit finder" at Google.


New Addition:  Free Do-It-Yourself ShortSniffer plans